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Then, Bobby is pulled off Daniel and is disqualified.

Kreese instructs Bobby Brown, one of his more compassionate students and the least vicious of Daniel's tormentors, to disable Daniel with an illegal attack on the knee.Although one of Johnny's gang (he slide tackles Daniel at the first day of school soccer tryouts, prompting Daniel to tackle him and land a punch to his face, thus getting Daniel kicked out of the tryouts), Bobby is seen as a more compassionate character than his friends.He tries to stop Johnny from ruining the beach party, stop him from harassing Daniel, and from doing further damage to Daniel during the fight alongside the South Sea apartments during the Halloween party.In the first film, Kreese's best student, Johnny Lawrence, bullies and harasses Daniel La Russo with his gang until they are stopped by Mr. When Daniel and Miyagi resolve the conflict at the Cobra Kai dojo, Miyagi proposes that Daniel enter the All Valley Under-18 Karate Championships tournament where he will face the Cobra Kai students and demands that the bullying cease while Daniel trains.Kreese agrees, but warns that if they don't show up at the tournament, the Cobra Kai will continue to harass Daniel and also Miyagi.In the film's novelization, Bobby- remorseful for injuring Daniel and disgusted at not being able to fight him fairly- walks over to Kreese and throws his black belt onto the floor. In the parking lot confrontation following the tournament, Bobby defends Johnny from an angry Kreese, stating that Johnny has apologized for his performance.

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