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Bethenny [Frankel]: I always used to see Bethenny for cocktails and events with different friends of mine that I have known for a very long time. We all work out and we stay healthy and we fight the jungle here and eat well to look good.

I have been wearing a lot of Marc Bouwer, along with Lorena Sarbu. Well, I make sure there is downtime because I have a daughter, and when I was married I always made downtime for my husband.

He is a professional, he puts everything back where he finds it, and he is resourceful and pulls it together, from shape-wear and bras to accessories and shoes.

He knows how to pack a bag like nobody’s business and then put it all back. If I go out to a big event and a lot of people start rushing at me, he knows how to get me out and get me safely home. He has great taste, a great disposition and I can count on him.

OJ&B: What are your must-haves and staples in your wardrobe? They have very good and decent cashmere for the price.

Invest in a good pair of jeans, because you need a good pair of jeans and a good cashmere sweater.

Coco Chanel told us that a long time ago, didn’t she? ” I need to enjoy being with the people that I’m with because it is my life; it is my daily life.

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