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Ethan was the third Dino Ranger to unlock his Super Dino Mode.He unlocked it during a battle with the White Drago Ranger, Trent Fernandez.Ethan used his brand new Hovercraft Cycle that Hayley built to defeat him. There was a video game competition going on at Hayley's Cyberspace, and Ethan wasn't practicing.He won the tournament from last year and believed that he didn't need to practice. Conner and the other Dino Rangers helped the B-Squad Rangers defeat Emperor Gruumm's largest Krybot army.This brought Tutenhawken to life as he attacked the city.

Ethan is the group nerd, often found on the computer or playing video games.

He controlled the Tricerazord (and for a short time the Stegazord), and used the Tricera Shield.

He also piloted the Mezodon Megazord in its final battle. One time, he was cheating at a game, trying to get the secret code, and a monster zapped him into it. Ethan escaped from the game and learned that you have to be cautious at all times when you're a Power Ranger.

He treated Noa really nicely ( even if he kissed her while she was dating his best friend) but he was adorable and his smile was just the cutest thing ever!

Thanks JP I watched good morning call and liked him more than uhera ( I know it’s bad) but he was really sweet in good morning call.

I really wish to see him more in lead role, especially in drama!

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