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There are very few things that are a certainty in this world. Static Hogwarts is one of the longest standing HPRPGs in the community with a history dating back to June 2004 and daily activity since November 2013. We are a small 18, intermediate to advanced community of diverse and welcoming writers who place a high emphasis on strong writing styles and coherent, interesting plot-lines.The Inner Sanctum is forum for roleplayers and writers of all genres and all skill levels. Chronicles RP is a freeform, sandbox roleplaying forum set in an original medium magic fantasy setting. Role-play, attend classes, collect Chocolate Frogs Cards... Black Dahlia Roleplaying is a new adult forum where we allow your creativity to blossom.Whatever your fantasy, dream, or nightmare, The Inner Sanctum welcomes you express it. Unburdened by stats and bound by few regulations, the members are encouraged to world-build and expand on the lore with their own writing. is a brand new RP website, make it what you want it to be. Whether you are a new or experienced roleplayer - this is the place where you can focus on writing with other people, character development and much more. An active roleplaying community based loosely on Naruto.Before you know it, you’ll be on a first-name basis with some of the most gorgeous cam babes on the planet.Their eyes will light up when you enter their live room and that’s truly an exciting thing to experience.Enjoy being able to have a character that grows from an academy student to a legendary shinobi.

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