Dating does and don ts


No one wants a man whose mean or rude to the people around them.

What do you do and don’t do on a first date with a guy you like?

Be open minded with age, someone who has been married before then came out, maybe has a child or two.

Be happy, confident, know what’s happening in the world, and make sure you are a nice person.

If you ask me, the number one thing people are looking for in a partner is confidence.

If you exude confidence on your first date it will go along way, I promise you.

We decided to let a few men weigh in on the best and worst moves they’ve encountered via meet-cute. So if you’ve found certain approaches or techniques that work well for you, then by all means, stick to those best practices.

Having said that: you could be shocked and love his personality, brains, and confidence… If you are still single and for whatever reason not meeting "the one,” change it up a little on you or what you are looking for.

Always a great idea to hit the gym before you go out. Both the Equinox at the Ritz on Avery, which is a gorgeous club, and the Equinox in the financial district are both ideal. Soul cycle and Flywheel for spinning are also a great place to start.

It will relax you, get your endorphins going, alleviate stress, and put you in a great mood. Find yoga places in your neighborhood or try a class at the gym first to see If you like it, then make it a routine.

Suppress the urge to Instagram, text, or reach out to your network, and instead, go off-grid. Who can say what unique alchemy determines chemistry?

“On my first date with my fiancée, I went to the bathroom halfway through our dinner. The men we spoke to emphasized the importance of being open and not settling.

For some, dating can be a scary experience, but with the advent of new dating app technology, it's getting progressively easier to find your perfect match. With help from matchmaker Janis Spindel and dating app Chappy, we're hoping finding "the one" is a resolution you're sure to keep.

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